Why I write Dystopian Novels

It used to be when the world was younger I knew people who made it revolve. I had friends who worked for Proctor & Gamble making Crisco and Pringles, guys who worked for Chevrolet and Fisher Body, and all sorts of companies around Cincinnati churning out the  products  we made use of everyday.

Looking back it gave us all a sense of being connected, call it a sociological bond and although none of us were on the track to getting rich  we  felt whatever we we did for a living had worth and no matter how dirty we were at the end of the day or shift went home with a sense of accomplishment. I no longer see that sociological bond as too many young folks have been forced to drink the  cool-aid and conform to unnatural norms dictated to them. The United States is rapidly succumbing to that most egregious and insidious of ills, corruption. We would like to pretend as a nation we are insulated from such atrocities  yet corruption has permeated society until it now runs from the bottom to the very top.

Human society has a natural tendency to stratify and it was something  our forefathers not only recognized but feared . They tried to combat stratification knowing it can only exist by corrupting the system in such a way that it favors those on top. It took generations of sweat and blood to build this country into the greatest power the world has ever seen. Our forefathers battled all who tried to take a better life from them and brighter future for their children and to their credit  handed my generation a great and wonderful country filled to the brim with promise and opportunity,  What I have witnessed over my lifetime  is instead of maintaining it for the next generation those who can have cashed in their chips and as is always when called to account blame it on normal change. Quite simply put we have lost our moral compass and can no longer distinguish right from wrong at almost any level. My greatest fear is that the system has been so damaged and stressed that it is beyond repair and with all the problems of overpopulation not being properly addressed we will soon find ourselves up against the Wall the ultimate Wall.


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