After a lifetime laboring to solve other folks  problems I have finally found the time to concentrate on my own. Unfortunately there is only one cure for old age and I’d like to postpone it a little longer.  I look around at the world today and marvel at the strides that have been made during my life, yet at the same time I feel in our headlong race to embrace an ever expanding economy we are casting aside much of what in the past has made us special.

I have no idea if there is a heaven or hell, but for sure there exists good and evil, right and wrong,  black and white. What bothers me is the modern tenancy to only view  the world in shades of gray particularly where it concerns monetary matters and profit. We have reached a point where even with all our technological advances  each succeeding generation is  coming to find itself poorer than the last. History has shown that we humans are reactionary creatures and therefore will only change behavior after an event has occurred. I can’t be certain but from where I stand it looks to me like were headed for a Wall… the ultimate Wall.






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